How to Write a Divorce Announcement

For many people, writing a divorce announcement is a strong, final act of closure. Therefore, it makes sense that this kind of announcement is becoming more and more common. So now people can finally taking charge and control how this news is announced. It is their news to share with their people in their world, and realize that taking charge is empowering. It is a big step that can provide closure, make it easier to cope with it, and move forward.

A divorce announcement is typically viewed as a professional, handwritten, or printed note that is mailed to friends, family, and acquaintances. But in this day and age, more divorce announcements are surfacing over social media due to the huge platform it holds. A divorce announcement needs to be done with poise and grace, seeing as how it is a mature way to announce such a personal thing in someone’s life. Below is some information on how to draft up a divorce announcement.

Discuss the Announcement with Your Ex

Prior to writing a divorce announcement, it is suggested that you discuss it with your ex. They are going through the divorce too, so discussing it with them shows that you still have respect for them, including all the years of marriage you two shared. Divorce is hard enough without stirring things up even more.

Let them know why you want to write one, what it will contain, and what it means to you. They could choose to be involved and want to draft up the announcement with you. Or they could choose to be entirely against it. At least you tried to involve them.

Do Not Be Afraid to Revise

Writing a divorce announcement is a big decision. You are consciously making the choice to reveal a very serious thing in your life to those who matter most to you. Since you have such an important choice, you want to make sure that everything is clearly and concisely explained. And you do not want to purposely insult your ex-spouse. You do not want anything to be misconstrued.

It is always a good idea to review it with your ex if you are able to do so, or see it as an announcement that involves him as well. Another option is to have someone you trust read the announcement and give you some feedback prior to sending it out. Getting an honest opinion can help if you are having second thoughts about what you wrote in the announcement.

Avoid Sending the Announcement to Work Email Accounts

It is important that you send the divorce announcement to your friends, family members, and acquaintances, but make sure that you avoid people’s work emails and accounts. If you choose to post it to your social media account, be mindful of who you are friends with, and who will see your status, especially if you are friends with people you work with. If you keep your work life separate from your home life, it is a good way to maintain balance.

Keep It Honest Yet Brief

Everyone does not need to know the story of why there is a divorce for you to announce in the first place. So a 3-page announcement is not necessary when writing about your divorce. That detailed story is for you, and your ex-spouse should share it with you in a less public platform. By keeping the announcement honest, short, and sweet, it takes on a more personal tone.

A divorce announcement is a great way to stay in control of your life when you feel like everything else is crashing down around you. That is why so many people are choosing to write a divorce announcement, whether it be by sending a card through the mail, posting something on Facebook, or making it known to your entire social media world.

This decision is within your control, and it can be incredibly freeing. Writing a divorce announcement can be a really rewarding experience. It is a good way for someone to gain closure from their marriage, as well as take a step forward toward their new life. When announcing such a personal time in your life, you should do it with assurance, honesty, and dignity.

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