Should I Visit a Divorce Chatroom? (Recommended)

When you are going through a divorce, it can be tempting to go online and visit chatrooms. Since the internet is such a diverse resource, you would assume that there would be plenty of chatrooms for divorce, just as there are rooms for meeting new people and talking about everyday life events. The important things to know are that you will find it hard to get useful advice in chatrooms, and there are no reputable ones at the time of this writing.

There are plenty of more preferable ways that you can choose to cope with your grief, such as relying on in-person encounters and using active online forums with regular users. Below are three phenomenal solutions for getting through your divorce.

1. Reddit Divorce

If you are a regular internet user, you have undoubtedly heard of Reddit. Their online forums talk about everything from trending politics to relationship issues. And Reddit is easy to use. All you have to do is create an account, and you can begin posting on their forums and commenting on other posts that users make.

The best part about the divorce sub-Reddit is that it gives you the ability to anonymously ask for advice from other people. Plus, you have the ability to talk to other people who are going through the same situation. It is safe and confidential, and you are able to talk openly and candidly about your divorce—without having to worry about friends and family members finding out certain details that you would rather keep private.

One thing to note is that Reddit users are known for being blatantly honest, which is exactly the type of advice you will need. Then you can cope with your divorce and begin healing from it.

2. In-Person Divorce Support Groups

If you are not the type of person that likes putting your personal information online, it can be better to choose an in-person divorce support group. Many people prefer this structured approach to relationship advice, especially if you would rather talk to people face-to-face.

According to the Mayo Clinic, support groups are useful for reducing stress and depression, gaining a sense of empowerment, receiving practical advice, and improving coping skills. They are also incredibly easy to attend because there are hundreds of thousands of them in the United States. In fact, you might find that there are several divorce groups in your immediate area.

The vast majority of divorce support groups are free to attend, and they are typically led by psychiatrists, marriage counselors, and other professional guidance counselors. You will get clear, concise advice from a trusted professional, instead of relying on people online.

A support group can also be the perfect way to meet people that are going through the same, difficult situation that you are. You will be able to heal together, and you will be able to make friends that can help you transition from married life to single life. Many people find they can make lifelong friends at support groups.

3. Divorce Forums

As another online resource outside of Reddit, there are regular forums for divorce, which you can find with a quick Google search. Although the design of online forums is similar to Reddit, you might be able to find more information to help you on a forum. Also, the users might be less candid and approach your situation differently.

Since a divorce forum is specifically designed to help people get through a failing marriage, you will be able to find much more information. You will learn how to create a budget on a single person’s income, prepare your children for dealing with divorce, and know what to expect after you and your ex-spouse file. Being able to chat with others online through a reputable forum is a healing tool, and it is incredibly informative.

Final thoughts

No matter who you are or how strong you may be, it is helpful to reach out to others for advice and guidance. By going online and finding forums through independent websites or Reddit, you have the ability to anonymously talk to others around the world. Or if you prefer in-person support groups, you can take advantage of face-to-face discussions with newly single people going through the same difficulties as you.

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Divorce is complicated, but you don’t have to go through it alone.


Get personalized divorce advice today

Divorce is complicated, but you don’t have to go through it alone.