Should I Get a Divorce? A Quiz to Help Make One of Life’s Hardest Decisions

Unlike many other issues that may arise in your day-to-day life, divorce is not a decision that comes easily. If you have never had to go through a failed marriage in the past, it is daunting to leave a loved one behind in an effort to start a new life.

Sure, we like the idea of being able to lean on friends and family to make the right choices, but that is certainly not how you will want to end your marriage. When it comes to deciding to get a divorce, you are essentially on your own. You will need to ask yourself some important questions to figure out whether your relationship is truly failing, and if this unhappiness will last for the duration of your marriage.

Question 1: What would you do if your husband/wife said they were working late?

a) Say “OK” and continue on with your day.

b) Question if they are telling the truth.

Question 2: You are having a difficult day, so you talk to your spouse about it. What is their response?

a) They listen but do not seem interested in what you are saying.

b) They brush off your concerns.

c) They agree with your worries and talk them out with you.

Question 3: What is it like when you and your spouse argue?

a) You listen to each other’s views and come to a resolution.

b) You used to argue at the beginning of your relationship, but now you do not argue at all.

c) You scream and get in each other’s faces. Then you have to be separated for the rest of the day.

Question 4: Something bad happens. How do you and your spouse resolve the issue?

a) You work on a way to resolve the issue together.

b) You agree to never talk about the situation again, in hopes that you will both forget about it.

c) You apologize to each other and agree to move on.

Question 5: You and your spouse decide that it is time to plan a vacation. What are your first thoughts?

a) We can finally rekindle our romance.

b) I do not want to stay away from the kids for too long.

c) I am not really interested.  I would rather go on a trip on my own.

Question 6: Uh oh! You’ve made a mistake and put the wrong ingredient in your spaghetti. How does your spouse react?

a) They laugh it off and tell you they bet it will taste great anyway.

b) They offer to order takeout instead of having to make a second dinner.

c) They degrade you for your mistake and remind you to pay more attention to what you are doing.

Question 7: You really want to have another child, and you start talking to your spouse about it. How do they react?

a) They would prefer to not have another kid because of your current financial situation.

b) They think having another child would be a great way to fill a void they have been feeling.

c) Another kid? No way!

Answer Key

Now that you have tallied all of your answers. If your solutions contain mostly B’s and C’s, it may be time to consider opting for a divorce. It is important to remember that although you may be afraid to lead a single life, there is nothing worse than being trapped in a relationship that is making you unhappy. Even if you think that it could be the most difficult decision of your entire life, it is time for you to finally choose something that benefits you.

Leaving a tumultuous relationship behind could quite possibly become the greatest thing you have ever achieved.

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Divorce is complicated, but you don’t have to go through it alone.


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Divorce is complicated, but you don’t have to go through it alone.


Get personalized divorce advice today

Divorce is complicated, but you don’t have to go through it alone.