The Financial Challenges of Debt and Divorce: 28 Experts Respond recently asked Shawn Leamon and 27 other financial and divorce experts what they think the most significant challenges are in divorce and how to overcome them.

Here are Shawn’s top 3 insights for couples going through divorce:

Understanding Their Financial Picture: Many times, one spouse does not have a clear understanding of their finances. This may include understanding their assets, their debts, and how much they make and spend each month. Without having a clear picture of what a divorcing person has and owes, it can be overwhelming trying to decide how to negotiate during the divorce process.

Deciding What Assets to Keep – and What to Give Up: Frequently, certain assets like a house or a retirement account may have sentimental value, but may not be the best financial decision to make for your future. It is also essential to understand any tax considerations a person may face, as different assets have different tax implications. By failing to understand taxes, someone may end up with much less money than they think.

Keeping the Long-Term In Mind: While divorce may be the only area someone can focus on, it is essential to consider their life after divorce is over. What do they want? Where do they want to live? How do they want their kids to be raised? If there is a clear picture of the future, the decisions made during the divorce process can help achieve their long-term goals, rather than regretting decisions years after the divorce is over.

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