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Join Shawn Leamon, MBA and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst as he breaks down divorce with practical advice to protect your financial interests. With more than 500,000 listeners and 200 episodes, Divorce and Your Money is the podcast #1 divorce podcast in the nation. Get your questions answered, checklist your way to financial freedom, and safeguard your new future with an expert’s help… because you and your family are worth it.

EP 144: Self-Care during Divorce Chaos – Interview with Dr. Robbin Rockett, host of Solo Parent Life

By Shawn Leamon | August 1, 2017
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EP 143: Post-Divorce Finances (Part 7): Key Financial Documents to Update After Divorce

By Shawn Leamon | July 27, 2017
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EP 142: Post-Divorce Finances (Part 6): Is Your Financial Advisor Doing a Good Job?

By Shawn Leamon | July 25, 2017
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EP 141: Post-Divorce Finances (Part 5): What Kinds of Investments Do You Need?

By Shawn Leamon | July 20, 2017
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EP 140: Don’t Rush Into Post-Divorce Financial Decisions – Interview of Shawn by Dr. Robbin Rockett, Psy. D

By Shawn Leamon | July 18, 2017
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EP 139: Post-Divorce Finances (Part 4): What Do All Those Financial Terms Mean?

By Shawn Leamon | July 13, 2017
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EP 138: Post-Divorce Finances (Part 3): Interviewing Financial Advisors

By Shawn Leamon | July 11, 2017
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EP 137: Post-Divorce Finances (Part 2): How to Choose a Financial Advisor – The ONE Simple Question to Ask

By Shawn Leamon | July 6, 2017
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EP 136: Post-Divorce Finances (Part 1): How to Create Financial Goals

By Shawn Leamon | July 4, 2017
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EP 135: Navigating Post-Divorce Finances – Interview with Karen Bigman, The Divorcierge

By Shawn Leamon | June 29, 2017
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EP 134: The Easy Way vs. The Hard Way – Share This Episode with Your Soon-to-be-Ex

By Shawn Leamon | June 27, 2017
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EP 133: Protect Yourself from Identity Theft the Easy Way

By Shawn Leamon | June 22, 2017
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EP 132: Dealing with an Abusive Spouse in Divorce

By Shawn Leamon | June 20, 2017
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EP 131: How to Prosper After an Abusive Marriage – Interview with Cindy Holbrook, The Compassionate Divorce Coach

By Shawn Leamon | June 15, 2017
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EP 130: 5 Signs Your Attorney is NOT Doing a Good Job

By Shawn Leamon | June 13, 2017
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EP 129: Divorce Advice for Stay at Home Parents

By Shawn Leamon | June 11, 2017
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EP 128: How to Prepare for Mediation

By Shawn Leamon | June 6, 2017
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EP 127: 3 Sneaky Ways to Get Valuable Financial Information from Your Spouse before Your Divorce

By Shawn Leamon | June 1, 2017
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