EP 113: 15 Clever Ways to Stash Cash from Your Spouse during Divorce

When you are planning to file for divorce from your spouse, you need to be prepared for the initial costs of hiring an attorney and other experts to handle your case. Putting money aside to cover some of the expenses related to your divorce can be a tricky endeavor. Particularly in situations where your spouse may handle the finances, you should have a few tricks at your disposal, so that you can put some of those funds aside to cover your expenses.

If you consult with a divorce professional and pay with funds from your joint account, your spouse will see the transaction. How can you get around a spouse who notices the money that flows in and out of your joint bank account?

Here are a few clever ways that you can begin to stash cash out of the view of your soon-to-be ex:

1) Shopping presents several ways to hide cash from your spouse. For instance, put small amounts on gift cards while doing routine shopping. Then as the gift card balances add up, sell them for cash to friends and family members who could use those funds.

2) When you go shopping, purchase two items, and sell the second one for cash.

3) If you shop with a friend, put their purchase onto your credit card, and have them pay you back in cash.

4) Take your friend to lunch, and put the entire tab on your credit card. Your friend can pay you back in cash.

5) When you return an item that was purchased with your debit card, opt to receive cash back, instead of putting the funds back on the card.

6) Purposely purchase too many of an item you need, then return the extras for cash.

7) Sell items that your spouse will not miss around the house. This tactic can include selling old clothing (through websites like Thredup) or simple postings for household goods (on other internet retail sites).

8) Opt for cash back at the grocery store. Even if it is only in $10 or $20 increments, your cash stash will add up over the course of multiple trips.

9) Use cashback apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 when you go shopping. The funds you earn over time will add up, and they can be directly deposited into a secret PayPal account.

10) Take on extra work if you think your spouse will not notice. You can find freelancing jobs in several fields through platforms like Upwork. That way, you can make additional money and have the funds deposited into a secret bank account.

11) Offer childcare to a close friend for their date night. You can tell your spouse that you are doing it for free as a favor to your friend, then keep the cash for yourself.

12) Arrange to have any bonuses, commissions, or pay increases direct-deposited into a separate bank account. If your spouse is unaware that you are owed additional funds, they will be none the wiser.

13) Sell plasma for cash while your spouse is out of town for the weekend.

14) Clean out your garage and sell miscellaneous items for scrap at the same time. Your spouse will think you took those items to the dump, and you can pocket a few dollars.

15) Use websites like Fiverr or Amazon Mechanical Turk to earn a few dollars for extra time spent on your computer.

Once you start to stash cash away from your spouse, you need to find a secure hiding place for your funds. Many individuals may have the option of leaving their gift cards and cash in the hands of a trusted friend or family member. However, if you are uncertain whether they can be trusted to keep your cash or your secret, you may need to reconsider your hiding place.

Get creative about storing money in places that your spouse would not normally check. For instance, store cash and gift cards in a sandwich bag, then tuck it away somewhere. Hide it inside your dog bed, place it in the couch cushions, or secure it to the underside of your sofa. The trick is to find a place that your spouse would not check, even by accident.

If you have already started to compile your financial documents, you can place them all on a flash drive. Because of the compact nature of this device, you can easily store it in your bag with your gift cards and cash.

Being financially prepared is one of the most important ways you can gain the upper hand when it comes to filing for divorce. If you start preparing now, you will be setting yourself up for future financial freedom when your divorce gets closer.

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