We accept guest interviews.

Let’s keep things simple:

Thank you for your interest in being interviewed for the Divorce and Your Money Show, the #1 podcast on iTunes that discusses financial issues in divorce. To most efficiently and beneficially handle interview requests, please follow the information below.
Please note the following terms and conditions:

  1. Your subject matter must be directly applicable to divorce. Generic expert pitches, financial or otherwise, will not be accepted.
  2. You must have listened to a few episodes of the Divorce and Your Money Show. It’s clear when you haven’t, and your pitch will be rejected.
  3. You must provide a proposed title for your interview upon publishing, as well as a list of at least 5 questions you would like to discuss. Make the questions specific to what you are pitching.
  4. Some interviews require sponsorship. Details will be discussed upon contact.
  5. Upon completion of the interview, you should promote the interview on your website, email list and social media channels.
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