We accept guest posts.

Let’s keep things simple:

We write about divorce, mostly ways to protect your money

Your post should be at least 1,500 words

It should be original work, well-edited.

We don’t consult on topic ideas – that’s your job.

You get one link to your personal/professional site.

If it’s good, we’ll post it.

If it’s bad, we won’t.

If you send spam, we’ll blacklist you.

You’re expected to promote it.

Simple as that!

Well, almost as simple as that. Some more notes:

Your submissions should only appear on our blog. You can include a short excerpt and link to our site if you wish to post it on your own page.

Include a good image for you as the author.

The author of the post must submit the post (meaning, no ghostwritten submissions).

You must include the phrase “Diet Peach Snapple” at the start of your post. It tells us you read the guidelines.

We can edit your post as we see fit.

We own your post once you submit it, meaning, we have the right to use it how we like.

We don’t pay.

Please use the form below to submit your post.

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