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Divorce can indeed be a traumatic experience for most people, especially when they are not adequately informed about their options. Divorce financial coaching will support you to regain your freedom and avoid making financial mistakes which will most likely affect your long-term future.

With a professional mind and a trustworthy advisor by your side, you’ll be looking at this painful experience as an opportunity to start a new life, making sure you take the right decisions every step of the way!

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✓ WHAT YOU NEED: Let’s face it, no one likes having to deal with emotionally, psychologically and financially difficult divorces, but there comes a time when you have to accept the facts and consider your future. If you’re looking for guidance and a well-adjusted strategy, we offer the perfect solution for you.

✓ PERSONALIZED DIVORCE ADVICE: Take advice from a professional with a 30-minute session in the company of Shawn Leamon, MBA, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, to find the optimal solution for protecting your assets during this challenging process!

✓ WIDE COVERAGE: These practical coaching sessions can be held for anyone living in the USA as well as for the US citizens living overseas, to prepare them in a calm and useful manner for this procedure.

✓ STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL: We guarantee our customers 100% confidentiality, which is always essential when dealing with such delicate issues!

✓ REGAIN YOUR FREEDOM: Over 150,000 people have listened to the advice in Divorce and Your Money, our personalized strategy development will help you keep your head up and walk away with no costly divorce mistakes. Be fully informed before taking such a huge step!

As one recent client said, my “Calm, practical advice definitely made a big difference to my case.” And what I hear most often, “I should have called you months ago, but I’m glad we finally spoke.”

I work all across the United States and with US Citizens living overseas.

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